Anak Rimau



Brand Story

A locally-produced Malaysian football sports film that tells the story of a group of diverse young children from various backgrounds who dedicate their utmost effort and determination to fulfill their dreams of becoming football players. The movie stars Beto Kusyairy, Idan Aedan, Ahmad Daniel Hakimi, Hanz Daniel Skelchy, Adam Corrie, and others, and was premiered and screened across 68 cinemas across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

The Challenge

Due to certain complications arising during the national lockdown occuring due to Covid, the film release faced a delay. By the time the film was due for release, the team was faced with a restricted marketing timeline of under 2 weeks to spread awareness across the nation.

The Solution

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Efforts

Our team worked closely with the client’s internal video editing team to ensure that sufficient creatives in the form of trailers and visuals were churned out and prepared for distribution on identified social media channels.

Once published, the team immediately focused on running widespread advertising efforts to regain lost mileage due to the delays.

Key Results

This tactic proved to be successful, with the film achieving a successful premiere, and also achieving a 7.0 star rating on IMDB.

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