Brand Story

Katch’s journey began as a new gym known as Engage with its humble roots in Kota Damansara. When Engage first started, they were looking towards setting up their first gym outlet, with an idea for gym automation to reduce the overall monthly operational expenditure. Through our deployed solution (as featured below), Engage had achieved the ability to operate with minimal staffing on premises. It has now evolved into a platform for fitness and wellness vendors to list their services, providing users with a medium to discover, book and access the listed businesses.


The Challenge

To automate a gym, it goes beyond just having the software implemented, but also requiring the I.O.T. hardware to match. During the initial discussion phase, both our team and the Engage (now Katch) team had identified a few gyms in South East Asia and Asia Pacific who operate with a similar business model as theirs (staffless automated gyms).

From there, we identified the relevant I.O.T. vendors, and worked with cross functional integration teams to integrate our software solution with the I.O.T. deployed. 

The results? The ability for a user to book a gym session, scan their face at the gym, and use the gym, without the need for a staff to oversee.

The Evolution

Expanding revenue streams

After successful launch of the Engage app on the App Store and Play Store, we were then approached by the Engage team looking for the next mile in business transformation. Through consistent discussions came the outcome - to develop a platform for other gym and wellness centre operators to list their premises on.

Key Results

Our business development and tech teams work tirelessly and successfully migrated Engage to Katch, launching in December 2022, which has since seen over 300% increase in the number of registered users, offering seamless vendor-user connectivity, autonomous operation, and I.O.T. integration.

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